It was in the 1998 Asian Games that Geet Sethi, co-founder of OGQ, got first exposure to Indian sports, which form part of the Olympic platform. It was here that he saw at close quarters the problems faced by our athletes and the deficiencies of the entire system. 2 years later Geet was at a dinner hosted for the Indian contingent during the Sydney Olympics and the general feeling of dejection as a sporting nation was further reinforced as he interacted with the Indian athletes. The idea of OGQ was born in Geet’s mind on a flight from Sydney to Mumbai and Geet straight went to meet Prakash Padukone. Geet and Prakash realized that what Indian athletes needed was a 24×7 presence of support staff that include, physiotherapists, dietitians, mental trainers, coaches, injury management experts and logistic managers around them to look after all their training needs and to instill in them a sense of pride and confidence. Two of them got together and started Olympic Gold Quest, a non-profit foundation, with a mission to help Indian athletes win Olympic gold medals. Later corporate honchos like Niraj Bajaj, Shitin Desai, R. Ramaraj, Rakesh Khanna and Neeraj Bharadwaj joined the team.

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